How Does an Ant Colony Work?

Although ants are annoying pests that often invade homes and businesses and can cause some structural damage to properties, they are also interesting creatures with complex behaviors. In fact, ants are highly social creatures within their colony. It is their social function and the complexities behind the way they run their ant colony that make …

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Ant Chalk – Does It Really Work?

When you find ants invading your home, it can make you feel frustrated and desperate. You may search for different ant control methods. Ant chalk may come up as a viable solution to stop ants in their tracks, but does it really work and should you use it?

How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants – Bait Not Spray

Finding an invasion of Pharaoh Ants can feel frustrating. They are a very small ant species, measuring 2 mm long. Their bodies are often a light yellow or reddish color with black markings on the abdomen. These tiny ants can prove a nuisance unless you get rid of them. Pharaoh ant control requires professional attention.

Tips for Ant Control

If you’re facing an ant infestation and are worried on how to tackle it, here are a helpful tips for ant control that will help you overcome the problem. The first step you need to take during an ant attack is to make sure that everything even remotely edible to ants is kept out of …

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