Carpenter Ants Habit

How do carpenter ants get into your home?

Carpenter ants have many ways to get in the house. Carpenter ants use their small size to exploit unsealed gaps and surprisingly use branches as a sort of bridge to transfer themselves over and invade space. This is the way that many ants take advantage of the many ways that ants enter.

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Do you need an exterminator for carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants are especially difficult to get rid of once they’ve established a colony deep inside a wooden structure. For that reason, it’s recommended that you use a professional exterminator to remove these pests. An experienced exterminator will have the necessary equipment and expertise to tackle these problem pests far more effectively than most DIY methods can.

The best way to prevent carpenter ants from inflicting damage on your property is to exclude them.

• Have all leaks fixed, including around pipes, drainage systems, and on your roof.

• If there are areas in your home where there are high moisture levels, take action to reduce moisture, such as installing dehumidifiers.

• Where possible, move wood stores or wooden structures that are in contact with the soil outside your home. If you have a firewood store, keep it elevated up off the ground.

• Cut back tree branches and undergrowth that overhangs or touches your house. That will remove potential bridges that could be used by carpenter ants to gain entry to your home.

• Make sure that any cracks in your home’s foundation are sealed.

A good pest exterminator will carry out a home assessment for you and will recommend a carpenter ant exclusion strategy.                    

It might be interesting to note that after the Carpenter ants are born the males die and the females lose their wings in the process and become the actual workforce. in return, these new carpenter ants with wings are born in the springtime during the mating season. and this usually happens about one to two years after the colony comes to 4th wishing. there is only one task involved to those who have wings which is to reproduce and to create new ads that you create a new colony this process usually starts in the spring and meets its ending in the fall.

In residential properties, carpenter ants can find themselves in different places. this can include the patio, the roof, the attic, and even making galleries in the beams of the attic. the way that

you can spot Carpenter Ant infestation is to take a very close look at the entry point at the carburetor and make. you will notice that there is a very clean round hole with underneath stuff that looks like sawdust this sawdust is known as fry’s fry’s occurs when Carpenter ads used their mandibles to carve out long intricate galleries and rooms this prize can consist of several pieces of debris which include wood body parts shells and more.