Carpenter Ant VS Pavement Ant 


Ants are a broad species that vary in appearance and ability more than any other animal or insect. There are so many species of ant that it could fill a library. There are still many that have not been discovered but most of them are not interested in your house or property. There is a small number that are. These are ants that you will see around your neighbourhood and in your house. One such ant is the pavement ant. If you have ever seen a swarm of ants on the sidewalk eating a fallen blob of ice cream then you are looking at pavement ants. They are tiny but not microscopic. They are black and they are simple in appearance. Nothing special as far as ants go. 

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are big. They have visible mandibles that can be used to pinch your skin, breaking it and causing severe Pais as they spit formic acid into the wound. They are like termites in that they burrow into the wood but unlike termites, they do not eat the wood. They simply nest in it. This gives a very special opportunity to treat them as if they need food. Bait and pesticides will work to kill these ants, unlike termites who never leave the wood they nest in. Because of this carpenter ants can be treated and are not a death sentence for your home. They are also much cheaper to treat. 

carpenter ant vs pavement ant
Pavement ants are a serious infestation but not a destructive force like carpenter ants and unlike carpenter ants, pavement ants are not likely to bite you and spit formic acid into your bloodstream. This does mean pavement ants are not a threat, they certainly are and both infestations are a danger to your home and your health.

Differences between carpenter and pavement ants 

The difference between these ants is not mandibles, formic acid or wings and flying ants. It’s the danger of your house collapsing. Carpenter ants will destroy your home from the ground up. pavement ants will annoy you. Pavement and will eat your food and infest every corner of the house. Carpenter ants will break down its structure until there is nothing left but wood chips. If you have black ants in your house make sure to figure out which one they are because one can be treated easily, and the other is a threat to the most important thing in your life. Your house. 

Carpenter ant dangers

Failing to treat these ants is a severe danger. They will never leave and continue gouging the wood out of your home until there is nothing left. There is no domestic treatment that will work on them, no bait that you can buy in a store and no pesticide that will affect them directly. Professional treatment is all you can do and anything else will end in tragedy. 

Treatment of carpenter ants 

So take an infestation like this seriously and call a professional technician who can treat the situation with commercial-grade pesticides and bait. They will do an exterior spray of the house to ward off the ants from coming in from their initial nesting place, and a baseboard spray to kill the ants that travel the house looking for food. Replace their food with commercial grade bait and even perform an ultra-light volume mist in areas of high activity to penetrate their nest directly no matter how deep the harbourage. Behind a wall, not a problem, in cracks through brick, easy. Professionals know how to get it done.