How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants – Bait Not Spray

Finding an invasion of Pharaoh Ants can feel frustrating. They are a very small ant species, measuring 2 mm long. Their bodies are often a light yellow or reddish color with black markings on the abdomen. These tiny ants can prove a nuisance unless you get rid of them. Pharaoh ant control requires professional attention.

Why Baiting is Better

Although an infestation of Pharaoh Ants may have you reaching for the bug spray, think again. Baiting is the best method of pest control when it comes to dealing with these ants. The problem with sprays is that they send the ants into stress mode. Stress mode causes them to split off and create sub-colonies, which exacerbates your infestation problem.

Baiting Successfully

Bait prevents the ants from splitting off, allowing you to take care of the infestation successfully. When baiting, make sure to use a slow-acting sugar or protein-based bait. Although Pharaoh Ants eat many different foods, they prefer sweets, proteins, and fats.

Make sure to keep a close eye on the bait. If you do not see ants eating from it, you will need to change your approach. The success of your bait will depend on the nutritional needs of the colony. The nutritional needs of the colony can change depending on several factors.

If you use a protein bait and the ants pay no heed, switch to a sweet-based bait. Keep in mind when baiting that you should have no other foods nearby. Other foods may serve as a competition for your bait. Rather than taking the bait, the ants may take a liking to nearby foods.

Ask for Help

If you find that you are still having trouble getting rid of Pharaoh Ants, contact a pest control specialist. Specialists can assist you in ridding your home of various infestations, including Pharaoh Ants. Considering how resilient ants often are, asking for help is always a good idea.