Tips for Ant Control

If you’re facing an ant infestation and are worried on how to tackle it, here are a helpful tips for ant control that will help you overcome the problem.

The first step you need to take during an ant attack is to make sure that everything even remotely edible to ants is kept out of reach. Food is the primary reason for ants to set up base in and around your home, and denying them this food will automatically take them to other places.

However, if the situation has already gone out of control and you face no other option but to annihilate the ants that have already come over and made themselves at home on your property, these tips should help.

If the infestation is a minor one, there are several homemade remedies you can resort to. Ant repellents may range from a mix of vinegar and water to a potent mix that contains borax.

When it comes to borax, this constituent acts as an ant killer with several ingredients such as powdered sugar, honey, peanut butter and more. Ants have a liking for high-protein foods and sweet-smelling stuff, so these mixes should be quite the attraction to them. However, the borax is sure to spell doom, not only on the ants that eat them where the ingredients are kept as bait but also on the others in the nests when the worker ants carry it there.

Of course, the best method for ant control is to pick up the phone and call upon the services of a pest control company. These professionals will systematically annihilate even the last ant on your property, destroy the nests where necessary, repair crevices etc. that may harbor ants in the future, and even give you tips on how to avoid ant infestation.