Carpenter Ant Infestation – Damages You Can Expect

Finding out that you have an infestation of any kind is always bad but finding out you have a carpenter ant infestation is worse. Carpenter ants can create damages to your home. If left unchecked, the damages caused by carpenter ants can become rather extensive. It is important that you call ant control professionals as soon as you suspect an invasion of carpenter ants in your home. In the meantime, what damages can you expect?

The Wood

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, though there are some people who mistakenly believe they do. Instead, the ants use their powerful mandibles to chew through the wood in an excavation process. They excavate tunnels used to navigate through their nest. Once they finish, they discard the wood outside the opening of their nest in what looks like a small pile of sawdust.

As they dig, they destroy wood. Unfortunately, continuous digging, especially by a large infestation of carpenter ants, can create immense damages. They may damage support structures, wood trim around doors and windows, and other wood objects in or around your home.

Keep in mind that it takes time for carpenter ants to create serious damages. In some cases, it may take years before they create any noticeable damages. However, it is better for your safety and the sake of saving money to rid your home of carpenter ants as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the colony will grow and the wood damages will also become more likely

What Can You Do?

For starters, make sure you call an expert as soon as possible. Let the expert know you are possibly dealing with a carpenter ant infestation. A technician will arrive at your home, do an assessment, ask a few questions, and provide solutions. Pest control professionals can eliminate the entire nest, including the queen, thus putting a stop to any further damage to your home.

In the meantime, while you wait for your visit, search around your home to see if there are any visible signs of damage. You may find wood piles beneath small, round openings you found that ants use to crawl in and out. Wood piles are a clear indication you have a problem and that damage to your wood is already occurring.

Look for any other visible clues of wood damage to your home so you can determine if your home needs any structure repairs. Finding out down that your home sustained severe damages can cause you to lose quite a bit of money. Make sure you prepare yourself by searching for any signs you can and working with a professional as soon as possible.