How to Get Rid of Ant Hills

How to Get Rid of Ant Hills

Ants are perhaps one of the most common pests. There are over 12,000 species of ants spread out through the world. If you have a vegetable garden, you have probably come across ant hills. Ant hills are composed of tiny particles of soil, rock, and decomposed material. They are usually a result of the queen …

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Homemade Ant Killer

Homemade Ant Killer

Ants are a marvel of nature, but after an ant invasion, you might not find these insects look fascinating. While getting rid of ants is as simple as running to the hardware store and zapping them back to space, you might be swapping one problem for another. Trigger the spreading of the infestation and toxins! …

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Why Do Ants Eat Termites?

Nature is often impressive and formidable. When you view the natural order of things occurring before your eyes, it can seem wonderous and frightening all at once. For instance, nature creates both predators and prey. Predators often feed on prey to sustain themselves and stay alive. When you dive into the world of insects, you …

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How to Identify Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can be tricky to identify and are easily confused with the common black ant. Some members of the carpenter ant colony such as the winged males and females are confused with termites. Whatever the case, carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to wood structures so it is imperative that you take action immediately …

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