How to Tell if Carpenter Ants are in Your House

Carpenter ants are an extremely destructive ant species that can have a devasting impact on the structural integrity of the home. These carpenter ants are characterized as being fairly big ants and have an all-black body that consists of three body parts namely the head, the thorax, and the node. The ants can measure about 6 to 25 mm long. These ants have a preference to moderate to mild climates and prefer their habitats to be in moist areas.

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They often make galleries in rotten woods or soft woods in forested areas and can be found in residential properties when the opportunity arises. These carpenter ants are mainly outdoor ants but can be very disruptive when they find themselves inside or on a property. There are two types of ant colonies known

and these are called the parent colony which is the one that is outdoors and there is the other one which most homeowners will encounter when they see a carpenter nest infestation, and this is the one that people need to pay the closest attention to since it directly affects them the most. The satellite colony

is the type of colony that will find itself inside the property or on the deck associated with the property. In the interior, these nests can be found in a number of areas where there is moisture or wood that is rotten. Carpenter ants can be found under the roofing. Namely in attic beams and under subfloor insulation. Carpenter ants can also be found in foam insulation. They do not have a preference for another type of insulation as it is difficult to build nests there. They can be found in wall voids, doors, window sills, curtain rods, etc.

So, What are the signs of a carpenter’s ant infestation?

Seeing live ants

This might be a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how many people will ignore obvious signs and just let them be. Carpenter ants will never come inside individually but will invade and march in with an entire satellite colony.

Seeing Wood Shavings

Seeing wood shavings around your house might be a peculiar thing to witness. This is directly connected with carpenter ant infestation since carpenter ants have a habit to carve out extensive galleries in decaying and moist wood. If you see frass, which is the wood shavings anywhere at an odd location,

Ant Trails

If you see ant trails or a long line of ants going of coming from a place be aware that this is not an isolated incident and that these ants most probably found a reliable food source as carpenter ants are opportunistic feeders.

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