What to Do with Ants Under Kitchen Sink

What to Do with Ants Under Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink might be the last place you’d ever expect to find ants, but your plumbing areas are one of the most enticing places to pests. Food and grease buildup in your drains and ants are attracted to this steady supply of food. If by any chance ants set up their colony in or near your home, providing easy access to plumbing, your pipes will be a regular hangout for these critters. The best way to get rid of ants in your plumbing is by cleaning your drains and making sure attractive conditions are removed and call our Ant Control Toronto service.

Ants are not the easiest pests to get rid of; this is because they have the capability of slipping off through small holes and cracks; we can’t access. Fortunately for you, ant infestations are problems that can be solved in a few steps.

Ant killer

Before you begin your extermination, it is important that you determine the location of the ant nest. There might be a lot of ant activity in your kitchen sink, but without knowing the location of the ant nest, it might be impossible to solve this problem in the long run.

With the location of the nest, you can begin preparing your ant killer. Select the appropriate killer you want to use for the process. There are several chemical and natural solutions that could help you eliminate pests in your kitchen sink, we have listed a few:

Natural ant killers

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Start by pouring baking soda down your sink. Proceed to pour equal amounts of vinegar immediately after. Vinegar is acidic, it’s therefore important to have your windows and ventilation open. A bubble reaction will be formed by this mixture and will kill any ants that are in your kitchen sink. Clear out the remainder of the mixture in your drain with hot water.

2. Soap and water

Mix equal parts of soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution directly at ants when you spot them. This mixture will kill ants on the spot. You can use the remainder of the mixture as needed.

3. Hot water

You have probably tried this. Hot water is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of ants in your kitchen sink. It’s important to note that this remedy isn’t a long-term solution, and in case the ants do not nest in your sink; you will have another group to deal with the next day or in a few hours.


It’s perhaps the most effective method you could use to get rid of ants in your sink. There are several types of insecticides including, ant baits and traps. Getting insecticides is as easy as visiting your nearest hardware store. It’s very important to take precaution when using chemical ant killers. Read through the instructions before going ahead with the process. Keep it in mind that using chemical killers hurts the environment, and could be harmful to pets and children.

If you are unsure about using chemical ant killers, consider using natural methods listed above. If you have a hard time getting rid of the ants using natural methods or you are unsure how to use chemical bug killers, contact your local pest control service.


All the methods discussed here have the capability of killing ants in your drains; however, to stop them from coming back, you need to clean and seal your kitchen.

Move or seal any food sources that the ants might are get attracted to. Ants love sugary stuff, ensure your spills are cleaned thoroughly after use. Check if your food containers have lids, and makes sure they close tightly. Cereals need to be stored in airtight containers and not light boxes.

If you keep your garbage in your house, it could be the number one reason ants are in your house. Keep all your trash sealed with a garbage can lid. If possible double bag what you throw out. Don’t forget food in your garbage disposal, makes sure that you run disposal regularly to keep away any leftovers that might attract these stubborn critters.

Practicing clean kitchen habits will help you avoid infestations from pests as well as other foraging critters if you are unsure how to keep them off contact us today. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out.