What Does a Carpenter Ant Nest Look like?

The Carpenter Ants are one of the most seen household pests in Canada. They are known as a nuisance inside many houses as these carpenter ants are capable of destroying wood by carving out a nesting place. Carpenter ants are thought to eat wood but this is far from reality. These large colonies can be very destructive but they are more a problem than an actual threat to structural integrity.

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This can be contested the longer these carpenter ants stay inside the interiors. Carpenter ants are easily one of the largest ants in Canada. The typical adult ant, known as the worker is black in colour, has no wings and can vary from 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch in length. The size and colour of these ants can vary much between species and even from ants in the same colony. Identification is thus very hard to do and cannot be reliable

For identification, instead what you want to do is look for the Carpenter ant’s smooth rounded thorax which is the last part of the three. Carpenter ants consist of a single node and these connect the three different body parts to the abdomen and thorax. It might be even that you see two connections between the abdomen and thorax but in most cases, you will see one node connecting the thorax in the abdomen.

Carpenter ants in general, are seen as fast-pacing ants and only stop to share food with other ants or to feed themselves. These ants are known as nocturnal which means that they are most active at night time and not active at the daytime. When you see Carpenter ants going about in the daytime then something is not going according to plan and must be investigated as soon as possible.

The interesting thing is that the worker ants come out of their nest 15 minutes before sunset. like many other ants, it is very common for them to leave chemical trails for the worker ants to follow. These chemical trails can send several signals to the ants and might result more than likely in an ant trail which can lead to food like meats and sweets which Carpenter ants love. A carpenter ant nest  is a well-oiled machine in some ants can even participate in the construction of the nest and even in the repair of the nest if damage is done to the structure

People are not joking when they are talking about an army of ants since there are additional specialized in colony defence feeding and carrying for the larvae and pupae in the queen. the carpenter ant and might be a nuisance but it is a marvel in itself when you consider how successful these colonies can be when they split off from the main colony.

Things can start to take a turn for the worst if this Carpenter ends split off. display off colony is called a satellite colony and prefers mostly dark dry in secluded places compared to the original quality. Carpenter ants tend to become active in the spring which is around March and April and remain active throughout the fall which is from September to October. 

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