Carpenter Ants Prevention and Control Methods

Carpenter ants are a common species of ant throughout areas of Canada. They are also a very destructive species of ant. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they will destroy it so they can build their nests. They can damage floors, wooden support beams, wood siding, and anything else they come across that is made of wood.

Preventing carpenter ants from entering your home and understanding how to control carpenter ant population from spreading can help you protect your home. If left unchecked, an invasion of carpenter ants can eventually lead to costly repairs. Even without the repairs, their presence is a nuisance that you will want to handle relatively quickly. (more…)

Are Ant Baits Effective When Dealing with an Ant Infestation?

Finding ants in your home can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. Do not make the mistake of thinking that ants only invade dirty homes. Ants will descend on even the cleanliest of homes. Figuring out how to rid your home of ants can feel like a hassle. There are so many options out there, so how are you supposed to know which one will work?

Ant baits are one of the most commonly used methods for ant control, but how effective are they? Knowing effective ant baits are or aren’t will help you help you determine if it is the best way to remove ants from your home. (more…)

Why Do Dead Ants Attract More Ants?


If you have ever seen ants in your home, perhaps you have made attempts to squash them. A few hours after doing so, perhaps you have also noticed a swarm of ants surrounding the body of their fallen comrade. If so, you are likely wondering what it is about dead ants that seems to attract more ants. In truth, the answer is not at all what you might think. There is an interesting science behind an ant’s attraction to a dead ant. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Ants When Traps Don’t Work

Imagine battling an ant invasion for what seems like far too long each day. You go into your kitchen for a drink or a bite to eat and there is a trail of ants on your counters. The thought of such a thing may give you the shivers, but for many people, the scenario is all too real. Ants frequently invade home and cause a great deal of stress because they seem difficult to remove.

Out of frustrating and desperation, perhaps you head to your local store and buy different ant traps to try. All you want is to take your home back and not have to worry if there are ants in your food. But are the traps enough to stop the ants or you need to call your local ant control company? And if not, what is it that you can do to stop ants in their tracks? (more…)

What to Do with Ants Inside Your Appliances

It is bad enough to find out that ants are invading your home and you need to call an ant control company.  It is even worse to find out that they have taken over your appliances. Imagine waking up one morning to make a cup of coffee before work only to find that ants now call your coffee pot their new place of residence. How about discovering ants nesting in your microwave? Both scenes can and do happen.

People often find ants dwelling in their appliances, which can cause mixed emotions, including disgust, defeat, horror, and frustration. Fortunately, finding ants in your appliances does not mean you have to give up your coffee or even replace all of your appliances. There are ways you can deal with ants that you find hunkering down within your home’s appliances. (more…)

How Does an Ant Colony Work?

Although ants are annoying pests that often invade homes and businesses and can cause some structural damage to properties, they are also interesting creatures with complex behaviors. In fact, ants are highly social creatures within their colony. It is their social function and the complexities behind the way they run their ant colony that make ants so interesting, too.

When referring to an ant colony, it goes beyond their physical habitat, or nest. Discussions about an ant colony also involve the social structures and rules that ants live by. When you walk around outside, you may notice mounds of dirt and think, “There’s an ant colony!” However, that is merely an entrance or exit rather than the colony. The colony itself is underground and may exist as deep down as 25 feet. (more…)

Carpenter Ant Infestation – Damages You Can Expect

Finding out that you have an infestation of any kind is always bad but finding out you have a carpenter ant infestation is worse. Carpenter ants can create damages to your home. If left unchecked, the damages caused by carpenter ants can become rather extensive. It is important that you call ant control professionals as soon as you suspect an invasion of carpenter ants in your home. In the meantime, what damages can you expect? (more…)

Ant Chalk – Does It Really Work?

When you find ants invading your home, it can make you feel frustrated and desperate. You may search for different ant control methods. Ant chalk may come up as a viable solution to stop ants in their tracks, but does it really work and should you use it? (more…)

How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants – Bait Not Spray

Finding an invasion of Pharaoh Ants can feel frustrating. They are a very small ant species, measuring 2 mm long. Their bodies are often a light yellow or reddish color with black markings on the abdomen. These tiny ants can prove a nuisance unless you get rid of them. Pharaoh ant control requires professional attention. (more…)

Carpenter Ant Infestation – Carpenter Ant Remedies

After a cold and bitter winter, everyone looks forward to the warmth and comfort of spring.  However we humans are not the only organisms that look forward to the change of seasons.  With the advent of spring comes the arrival of different pests, chief among those are ants.  To many ants are simply a nuisance pest, undesirable insects that scavenge your home looking for food to bring back to their colony.  However there is one species which although not overly physically harmful to humans can be very damaging to us in other ways: Carpenter Ants.   (more…)