Can Pavement Ants Cause Structural Damage

No pavement ants are not known to cause structural damage compared to their more aggressive counterpart, the carpenter ant. The reason why pavement ants do not cause structural damage is that these ants mainly inhabit slabs of concrete, logs, or any other type of base where they can be covered.

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Pavement ants have an interesting colony structure that has multiple queens. These queens look visibly different from the worker ants which are significantly smaller in size. These ants are mostly visible outdoors which is their preferred spot to expand their colony. The way you know that you have pavement ants outdoors I to see if there is any activity and these can be found out by paying close attention. Most ants are active during the daytime and become inactive at night.

  1. You see a trail of ants during the day. The daytime for pavement ants is when ants scavenge for food and explore the outdoors. Since pavement ants mainly live underground, spotting them will be quite easy as the/re can be a trail of ants that lead to a food source.
  2. If you see material that resembles wood dust at the top of the pavement or any other type of pavement between the grooves.

The danger of the pavement ants is not that they are active around your house, but the possibility of them being around your actual property close to your house. Since pavement ants are known as opportunistic feeders they will take any chance to get inside the property for a chance of a better and more reliable food source. Pavement ants get inside the property by exploiting entry points all around the property. These can be windows sills, door gaps, and find gaps that have developed over time.

Once these pavement ants get inside they will find themselves behind wall gaps and other voids where these ants can easily expand their colony in. Pavement ants prefer a dark,k and dry environment which is the closest to their natural habitat. These pavement ants, as said before are opportunistic feeders and therefore do not have a very specific food preference. Pavement ants have a sweet tooth which draws them to the kitchen where the ants will find themselves devouring everything they can find.

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