carpenter ant vs pavement ant

What Attracts Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are notorious for living under large slabs of concrete and other structures made of concrete. They often thrive under a number of habitats including buildings and residential properties. These are known as trailing ants as well due to their habit of leaving a trail of pheromones to alert other ants of possible dangers and food sources. These ants have a hierarchical structure in place which is dominated by the worker ants, the scavenger ants, and the queen.

Pavement ants are relatively small in size, but this largely depends on the structure and the task of the ant as a whole. For example, the worker ant is only a mere 2 mm whereas the queen ant can be 8 mm. The pavement ant thrives in colonies which can be separated into multiple colonies or satellites as they are called and will go inside buildings to look for a suitable habitat to enter. They can be found everywhere even coming from the kitchen sink!

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Pavement ants are largely drawn by moisture as it provides a suitable place to stay and to hatch eggs. These pavement ants will seek for wall voids, crevices, leaky pipes or a water source to stay close to an area where water is readily available. Pavement ants will prefer to stay in areas that mimic their own natural habitat.

Pavement ants eat a range of different types of food and do not have a preference. They are classified as omnivores due to their wide variety of nutritional preferences. They will eat greasy food, sweets, insects, and starchy food as well. This is the very reason that these ants can be found scalping in your kitchen as well.

If you notice a trail of ants in your kitchen, then it might be most likely pavement ants.. The way to get rid of these ants is to purchase a variety of baits, glue traps, and other solutions that are available at your local hardware store. Having a strict cleaning routine can also alleviate the infestation as pavement ants are insects of habit. They will return to a reliable food source once it has been found.

Pavement ants will be found in a variety of places in the kitchen such as the countertop, the floors, and even under electrical appliances as there is food, warmth, and grease to be found there. There are alternative solutions on the internet that have been proven to be quite successful with varying results. One such solution is using water and soap to spray directly on site. Water and soap penetrate the exoskeleton of the pavement ant with fatal consequences.

The way to get rid of pavement ants reliably is to hire professional and licensed exterminators. Professionals are licensed experts that have access to commercial-grade insecticides in various forms. Through a detailed interior inspection, these technicians will determine areas of high activity. Once established, they will draft a viable extermination plan and get to work by targeting the ants wherever they are directly in the source. Furthermore, these ants will be affected by residual effects that come with commercial-grade pesticides. Call 647-933-5346 to speak to a customer service representative from Ant Control Toronto.