Pavement Ant Control Methods

Pavement ants are an eyesore and complete nuisance for any household. These brown or black ants hide in many places around the home and the worst part is that they can get indoors through cracks leaving a trail of destruction. The pesky ants enter the house in search of food and always leave a trail for other ants to follow.  There are many ways to perform pavement ant control.

This is not good news as it means that getting rid of the ants you see doesn’t rid you of the menace. You might clean up or sweep the room but in minutes, the pavement ants will be back like nothing happened. This makes it necessary to learn methods of controlling pavement ants before they cause serious problems-buildings have collapsed due to ant infestation!

The first and most important step in ant control is carrying out an inspection of the facility. This is to identify nests and mounds where the colony thrives. You can identify these areas by looking for piles of debris in areas like toilet pipes, under pavement slabs and even in cracks on walls.

Once you identify the nests, it is time to curb the problem. Drench the colony with insecticide-pour enough of the substance to drown all the ants in that colony. The process doesn’t end there! Once you are done with the nest, dust indoors using powder insecticide. By dusting, you’ll mask the trail left by other ants.

Once you eliminate the pavement ant menace in your home and compound it is crucial to maintain proper hygiene. Make sure that no grease, crumbs or dead insects are left lying around for they attract pavement ants like wood to glue. If there is nothing for the ants to eat, there will be no ants to lose sleep over. Follow these simple steps and have total control over the nagging pavement ants today