How to Treat Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are tiny light yellow-red in color and they have black marks in the abdomen, they are about 1/6 inch and predominantly live in colonies they can be found in buildings especially in hospitals, flats and homes where they are found in bathroom kitchen or even in walls and insulation. Pharaoh ants can cause food poisoning, typhoid, dysentery. The ants are known to build several nests making it hard to treat but here are some simple ways you can treat pharaoh ants.

How to treat pharaoh ants :

1)   BAIT

You will need to get a slow acting bait that provide a variety of food that an ant would get from nature like protein, sugar plant product, nectar or sweet based baits which have sugar and carbohydrates or a fat and grease base bait.

-you can also buy bait that has boric acid.Bait should always be placed near or on active ant trails, choosing bait make sure you understand the colonies nutritional needs in order to get better results.Leave the bait alone once the ants start to feed by removing all food competition.


this is also a very effective way because when they do not get food they will find somewhere else to feed just follow their trail and make sure that all foods are tightly sealed in containers,

-do not leave food scraps lying around

-remove the refuse form the house and take it to the dust bin

-store clean kitchen ware and also in clean place.

-vacuum the house often paying close attention to waste and food spills.

-clean behind cookers refrigerators and also movable equipments,
ensure that your refuse is tightly sealed in containers.


use non repellant insecticides like Sulfonamide or hydramethylon which are slow acting non repellant or insect growth regulators which can be used in bait although the control is usually slow.