Types Of Ants

Ants may be tiny creatures but they surely pack a punch when it comes to creating a nuisance in your house. They may be small and seem inconsequential, but they sure make up for it in numbers, consistency and bite!

Well, we should be thankful that not all ants choose to wreak havoc in human habitat, or else we would surely have a terrible situation on our hands, considering that there are more than 700 species of ants in the US alone! However, only two dozen of these prove to be trouble on the home front, and when it comes to the common ones, even less types of ants actually trouble you on a regular basis.

Ants, no matter what type of ants they are, are identifiable quite easily. Generally, ants are dark brown, black, tan or red in color and have a body made up of the head, the abdomen and the thorax, each part segregated from the other distinctly.

The Carpenter Ant, Fire Ant, Odorous Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Thief Ant, Argentine Ant and Pavement Ant are some of the most common ones that can be found in our households and together, they sure give us all enough trouble to make up for the species that do not invade our homes!

Of these, the carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavements ants are among the most common and more often than not, you will find these species ants in your household. The black carpenter ant is the largest among them, and is known to cause structural damage in their quest for food and a good place to nest.

Pharaoh ants are the ones that are always after your sugar and other foodstuffs with high protein, while pavement ants are dreaded for their nuisance factor.

Well, whatever type they may be, ants sure cause a nuisance when they encroach upon your space!