Controlling Ants in the Home

If your home is under attack from ants, we are sure you are at your wit’s end with the widespread havoc these tiny creatures can cause. Ants are capable of causing quite a lot of nuisance around the house and since they have numbers on their side, the damage is often swift and increasingly worrisome.

If you are already up against a full scale ant invasion, the best option you have is to call in a professional ants exterminator. These experts will not only annihilate the ants that have invaded your space, but will also track down the ant nest and make sure every last one of these tiny but nasty pests are dead.

However, if you think it isn’t yet time to call in an exterminator, you can try and put to work a few solutions that will help you in controlling ants in the home.

Firstly, we need to understand that there is only one reason for ants to invade our spaces – food. When spring and summer set in, ants have the task of feeding an entire growing colony, as well as store food for the coming winter.

Therefore, it is understandable that they are in search of any food they can find, and in most cases, our houses offer the perfect supply!

The first step to truly control ants in the home is therefore to make sure that every food source is kept away from ants. We understand that this could be quite a difficult proposition, especially if you have children or pets in the house, but this remains the only true solution to nip the problem in its bud, and keep things under control.

However, if you already have a minor ant infestation on your hands, the next step would be to go about planning their annihilation.