Tips to Locate Ant Colonies In Your House

When dealing with an ant infestation in your home, it is commonly because they have grown a colony in your home. It could be in your basement, a small hiding area in your kitchen, and practically any place that you probably won’t see easily or often. Ants are great at hiding and keeping their entire colonies alive. Usually once you locate the colony, you could easily end the ant infestation, but the key is to make sure you use the right treatment to kill them all. If you have the right treatment system in place, the first thing you have to do is to start looking for the colony. 

Tips to Locate Ant Colonies In Your House 

– Looking At Where They Enter and Exit 

When you see an ant in your home, try to see where they go in your home. In fact, follow one right now if you see one. They should end up leading you to one of their places. If you see that it is carrying food, follow where it is taking the food towards, and then start killing them with whatever method you choose to get rid of them. Doing this is a really tedious trick, but it does work you help you locate where they are living. Usually there will be multiple colonies in a single home depending on the size of your house.

– Look At Small Cracks And Crevices 

Look throughout your bathroom, kitchen, your living room, and other areas that has small cracks and crevices. Try to see what is open and if there are any different cracks and crevices with ants flowing around these areas. Usually you’ll be able to see ants constantly moving in and out of these areas. Again, try to find an any and watch where it is that they go.

– Foundation Walls 

Some walls in your home may not exactly be built completely solidly, and foundation walls are where most ants may love because they could find other areas inside to live. Checking your walls may be helpful.

– Food Placement 

A good trick is to place foods like sugar, bacon, or small pieces of almost anything that you may think they would take to their colony. Watch for the ants as they show up. Usually they’ll use the same route over and over again to get back to their nesting area. Food placements are great because you also get to see exactly where they go, who they bring it to, and if you could find the exact route that it follows.

Finding where ant and the rest of the colony lives is not an easy task. It could take just a few minutes or maybe even an hour or longer before you ever find anything. A lot of ants are traveling constantly, and usually they do so in packs. In other words, try to find where the huge number of ants are going. You could also try looking in rooms, bedrooms, closets, and other areas you may not visit as often. Multiple colonies exist in bigger homes, so take the time to search the entire house.