Controlling Ants Using DIY Methods

Controlling ants in your home is not easy. Getting rid of them and trying to prevent more of them from reproducing requires a lot of work, but with the right practice and patience, you’ll definitely succeed in the long run if you decide to use these natural remedies. These are DIY Methods that are going to help you control ants easily and quickly, and they will also help kill them in the long run.
Controlling Ants Using DIY Methods 

– Lemon Juice 

When you see a line of ants going to their home, take a lemon and just squeeze it all over them. It messes up their senses and can drown their mind. They can’t see anything since ants don’t have any eyes and only use their sense of smell to get to where they need to be, but this lemon smell can help cause for the ants to lose their way. Lemons have a very zesty tasting smell, and it helps kill them off and lose their sight in the end. You could squeeze out a lemon, put it in an old bottle with a spray nozzle, and that should help you scatter all of the lemons for you.

– Water and Dish Soap 

Take an old bottle with a spray nozzle and fill it up with water and a little bit of liquid dish soap. Take this with you in your home to spray towards the entire house that has ants. You could use this to point towards the ants, and you could also use it for when you see one of their homes as they enter it. It’s a nice little way to kill it off completely. This is good for any sized ant, and even though it isn’t exactly a miracle treatment, it does help the majority of the time.

– Chalk 

There is a special kind of chalk you could buy at a local Chinese store that kills ants instantly because of the way the chalk is designed, but getting a regular type of chalk from your local home improvement stores can be enough. What makes chalk so useful is that it helps block their senses and makes them feel unsafe. They smell and feel that the chalk is too tough for them to walk over, so they move out and keep looking for another way in where there is no chalk. Take some of it and draw a ling across the areas you see them entering. For example, if you see a crack in your kitchen where they are located, just draw a line so that they won’t come out of their area. Draw a line around your fruit baskets and throughout the sink, or in any place you wouldn’t want an ant to enter. This simple trick can save you a boatload of stress in the future.

Ants can be hard to kill, but you can easily control the problem with the tips above and slowly start keeping them away and kill them one by one. They are also very cheap and simple remedies that practically anyone can do at home.