Natural Remedies to Treat for Ants

Warmer weather seems to bring all of the critters out in droves. Among them are ants. As the cold, short days of winter begin to morph into the longer hotter days of summer, ants begin to get back to work. Worker ants will begin moving around, searching for food and water to bring back to the colony. Unfortunately, this often means they wind up in our homes. Fortunately, there are some extremely easy, natural solutions for getting rid of a small ant problem.

Borax, sugar, and water

If you make a paste of Borax, sugar, and water, the worker ants will take the mixture back to the colony where it will help deplete the numbers of the entire colony. Many ant baits that you find in the store is simply a mixture of these solutions. They don’t work immediately, but within a week you will notice a huge improvement in the number of ants found in your home.

Dish soap and water

This is a more “humane” way of getting rid of ants. Adding a few tablespoons of dish soap to some water in a spray bottle and sprayed near windows, doors, and any areas where ants are coming from will drastically diminish the numbers of ants in your home. Simply spray the solution and don’t wipe it away, and the mixture eliminates the scent trail ants leave which leads other ants to your home. It is a very effective means of eliminating ants in your home.

Cinnamon or cayenne pepper

Many people swear by these methods, and for some they are quite effective. Cinnamon and cayenne pepper are irritants to ants, and they won’t cross a perimeter with these sprinkled on the floor, windowsill, or entryway. Be careful with cayenne pepper if you have pets or children who might want to “play” with the powder as it can cause irritation to them. Warmer weather brings all kinds of unwelcome guests to our homes. Among some of the less than welcome
visitors are ants. Fortunately, there are some effective natural remedies to treat for ants that are inexpensive and easy to use.