How To Get rid of Pavement Ants Outside Permanently

Pavement ants, like many other ant species, are considered a nuisance insects. They are small in size, measuring about 3mm in length, and are most commonly found in the grooves of pavement or around the foundation of a house. Although pavement ant infestations are rare, once these ants find a suitable habitat, they will move inside in search of warmth, food, and shelter.

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Pavement ants have a hierarchical structure, with colonies consisting of worker ants, swarmer ants, and queen ants. Swarmer ants, responsible for reproduction and colony continuation, have distinctive traits that distinguish them from worker ants, such as larger size and the presence of wings. These ants can be hard to spot, and infestations may go undetected until the population grows to a significant size.

Pavement ants are a nuisance in that these ants will not only stay outside, but they can also enter the interior of the building as well. Pavement ants are harmless, but the number that they often take over a building with is problematic.

When seeking to invade a space, pavement ants will target areas with similar characteristics as their natural habitat. They are attracted to dark, humid, and obscure places to build their colony and ensure that their nest is close to a food source. Pavement ants are active all day long and are omnivores.

So how do you get rid of the pavement ants you see outside before the mayhem starts when they may start to come inside?

The first thing that you must understand about pavement ants is that they will flock to certain places where there is water and food and this might even include randomly scattered food on the floor. If you are an avid outside eater or have pests that regularly dine outside, chances are that there are some leftovers from your pet food on the floor.

Ants do not discriminate as they will eat anything from anywhere and this is why ants are so dangerous to the house or business because an unsuspecting infestation or nuisance can grow to become a huge issue by the time it is too late. Pavement ants may not be as aggressive as their counterpart, the carpenter ant, but can bring damage in other ways such as carrying germs and bacteria that can render the food unsafe to eat.

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