Winged Carpenter Ant

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

A good understanding of the social behavior of ants is essential for their effective control. In order to be able to get rid of the carpenter ants and reduce their destruction is to locate their nest. This is easily done by observing the behavior and movements of the worker ants. After locating the nest, you can apply effective ways of getting rid of carpenter ants, discussed below;

Modifying the home environment: this involves modification and improvement of sanitation. To avoid flourishing of the carpenter ants and discouraging home invasion, the following activities can be done:

  • Removal of firewood from the sides of the house and keep the piles elevated (above the soil).
  • Trimming or cutting shrubs and trees that are overhanging the roof.
  • Sealing any cracks along windows, doors and along the foundation.
  • Avoid leaving crumbs and food lying around. Foods should be stored in airtight containers.

Choosing right methods of pesticide application: There are four methods of pesticide application, based on the suspected or known location of the colony. The best way is to combine these varieties of methods in treatment, rather than the use of a single method.

i)   Wall void treatment: an electric duster or a hand duster is used to distribute the dust (pesticide in form of dust). Uneven distributed dust will allow the ants to detect and avoid the dust.

ii)  Baiting: this is an effective way of controlling carpenter ants. Application of pesticide together with baiting will affect the effectiveness of the bait due to bait contamination.

iii) Outside perimeter treatment: done when it is suspected that the ants are entering the house from outside. The perimeter is treated with residual spray.

iv) Spot treatment of infested wood: this is a localized form of treatment where the colony is located.

Some of the natural ways of controlling carpenter ants is by pouring soda water into the ant hole. Another one is by sprinkling corn grits or meal around the hole. Ants will feed on the corn but they cannot digest it, they will die of indigestion.