Homemade Ant Killer

Homemade Ant Killer

Ants are a marvel of nature, but after an ant invasion, you might not find these insects look fascinating. While getting rid of ants is as simple as running to the hardware store and zapping them back to space, you might be swapping one problem for another. Trigger the spreading of the infestation and toxins!

So, are there any home solutions that might do the trick? Lucky enough for you, when it comes to homemade ant killers, the world is your oyster. The following are homemade ant repellent remedies with ingredients straight from your kitchen cupboard.

Vinegar Ant Spray

This is one of the simpler ant repellents you can make at home. It’s also 100% natural meaning you can use it around your pets and kids. Combine water and vinegar in 50:50 ratio in whatever amounts, and mix it up in a spray can. Spray without worry when you spot the ants.

Dish Soap Repellent

This is yet another simple remedy you can make in a few minutes. It’s also one of the cheapest methods you could use to get rid of ants since you will make it off empty dishwashing liquid bottles. Make a combination of 50:50 ratio water and soap. You could still use the last remaining bit of liquid soap with water, and it will work perfectly. Mix it and spray away,

Essential oil ant spray

If you are looking to bring out the big guns and show them who the boss is, raid your bathroom cabinet for essential oils. Some essential oils are known to kill ants on the spot such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and clove essential oil. Make a combination of 50/50 water and vinegar in a cup. Add about 40 drops of essential oil. Shake the mixture and spray onto the ants, their entry ways and around the perimeter.

Boric and Sugar/syrup Ant Trap

Boric acid is perhaps the best natural ant killer. When ants ingest boric acid, it poisons them from the inside damaging their exoskeletons just like diatomaceous earth does. There’s still more, some of the ants will take back this poison back to the colony infecting the rest of the ants. The downside to boric acid is it’s poisonous and harmful to pets. Therefore, when applying this method, make sure the traps are set out of your pet’s reach.

Borax Cotton Ball

If it doesn’t bother you having containers full of ant poison lying around your house, you could make a similarly effective trap using cotton balls. First, boil a cup of water, add two tablespoons of borax and 1 cup of sugar into the hot water. Mix until they are completely dissolved. Soak the cotton balls into the mixture. Place the cotton balls strategically where ants frequent. Remember, the cotton balls will be wet. You could place them on a tin foil or lid.

Cornmeal ant Killer

You’ve probably heard of the myth that cornmeal kills ants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, what it does is act as bait. Workers ants out of the nest foraging for food eat liquids and not solids; when they come across cornmeal, they carry it back to the colony.
The idea here is to mix the cornmeal with boric acid in an effective way that will wipe out the entire colony. To effectively do this, get a low plastic plate, a plastic container lid will work well. Combine a ratio of 70:30 cornmeal and boric acid. Leave this in areas where you have spotted ant activity.

Diatomaceous Earth

It is perhaps one of the most effective natural killers today. It kills ants as soon as they make contact with it by sticking to their bodies and drying them out. The DE completely dehydrates the ants. A bonus is this remedy is completely harmless to humans and pets and works perfectly if you are looking to avoid using toxins.
The best way to use this remedy is to sprinkle it around your property making a barrier. Make sure you concentrate on known entry points. This is an effective barrier since new ants that get into contact with the remedy will die on the spot.

Baking Powder

This is yet another simple remedy off your kitchen cabinet. Just mix a combination of 70/30 powdered sugar and baking soda. Baking soda is dangerous to ants when ingested, and sugar acts as bait. This remedy makes a very fine powder; therefore, you don’t want to leave this lying around your house. Make sure you sprinkle it around areas notorious for ant activity.

Pest Control Service

If you have tried all the above remedies with no relief, it might be time to call in the professional ant control Toronto: 647-933-5346. Letting ants thrive in your property can turn into an expensive affair when they invade your wooden structures compromising its structural integrity. Contact us today for a free quote!